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Zone In - Wellbeing Habits for KIDS


Zone Inis a colourful interactive journal designed for childrenaged 9 -12 years of age. The journal provides practical strategies to help children navigate the complexities ofsocial connections and emotional regulation. It challenges children to reflect on theirself-talk and develop a growth mindset to build resilience and self-esteem.

The journal introduces the reader to a variety ofmindfulness techniques, and takes them on a journey ofself-discoverywhere they learn about their character strengths and the importance of finding out what they are good at and celebrating their achievements.

It also focuses on the effects ofscreen time versus nature time,and the effects ofsleep, nutrition and movement on mental health. The use of a reflective weekly planner encourages the reader toset goals for positive change.

Featuring: illustrations that not only evoke positive emotions but entice the reader to colour in to reinforce the messages in the book. With plenty of room for writing and reflecting, this journal is theperfect keep sake that will serve as a reference for many years to come.

Wellbeing is a practice not a destination.

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