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There is now a range of products designed specifically to provide vibration input to the mouth area. Z-Vibe products have proven to be very effective in improving a child's sensory awareness, to normalise sensitivities and to improve a range of speech and feeding skills. A vibratory tool for oral motor therapy and beyond.

    • Z Vibe Bite'n'Chew TipsZ Vibe Bite'n'Chew Tips

      Z Vibe Bite'n'Chew Tips

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      Need to chew? Use ARK's Bite-n-Chew Tip! This tip was specifically designed to promote a sustained bite and to improve jaw strength and stability. The tip end is very smooth, rounded, and chewable. Use it outside the mouth on the cheeks and lips for added stimulation. Each tip is constructed of medical grade materials that are FDA compliant and contain no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex. Z Vibe handles sold separately (click on picture below). The Bite'n'Chew Tip is also included with the Tranquille Pen and Pencil Sets as it's the ideal chewy pencil topper.

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