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Good balance and postural control underpins children's development in all fine and gross motor tasks. Children can practice and develop their abilities anywhere, anytime - just find a curb or a low wall to practice on, or practice games like 'Lame dog' and 'Scarecrow' as movement breaks from sit-down activities. Below are some more ideas...

    • Gymnic Physio Roll/ PeanutGymnic Physio Roll/ PeanutGymnic Physio Roll/ Peanut

      Gymnic Physio Roll/ Peanut

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      The 'peanut roll' or 'physio-roll' is essentially two balls joined together to create a tool which allows for a great variety of uses and a higher stability as against the standard single ball. Ideal to use for balance, muscle tone and coordination activities for children and adults. Therapists can also sit on the ball and support movement patterns and positioning.

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