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Christmas Ideas

We have some perfect 'stocking fillers' and a delightful range of special toys that are fun, educational and will support children to develop new skills and abilities!

    • MagBuilder 20 PieceMagBuilder 20 Piece

      MagBuilder 20 Piece

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      Welcome to MagBuilder, a new and exciting way to build! MagBuilder was designed with younger children in mind. The pieces are colourful, oversized and easy to hold. They magnetically snap together and come apart again and again! Unlike many construction toys there is no "correct way" to build with Mag Builder. The magnets don't 'repel' - they only attract. This allows the child to build creatively and helps develop spatial planning skills. There is also an instruction sheet showing over 20 models to build if the focus is more on developing visual motor skills through copying. 
      2 - concave triangles
      2 - 90° pipes
      2 - cylinders
      1 - stepped cone
      1 - flat
      1 - circle
      1 - hinge
      1 - curved pipe
      1 - cube
      2 - cones
      1 - dome cap
      2 - short pipe
      1 - 4 pipe connector
      1 - small fan

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