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Welcome to Skillbuilders therapy products and educational resources. You can get lots of ideas for appropriate items to use to help children develop particular skills by looking in the various categories listed to the left. You can also browse for ideas based on the age of your child or the children you work with.

Alternatively, if you already know what you're after, try a 'Product Search'.

You can use this site to browse and buy products on-line or you can download our order form and email to

Purchase Orders - Schools and government organisations 

Please note we do accept orders from schools and government organisations with a Purchase Order number. You can place your order via the website by following these steps:

* Choose your items

* Go to the shopping cart and add shipping

* Click on 'Quotes and Purchase Orders'

* Complete your details, including your purchase order number, and 'Submit'

We will send your items with an invoice. You are also welcome to use your own order forms or download ours and email to

Bulk orders

We do offer discounts for quantities of >20 of a single item. The discount varies, depending on the item. Just email us to ask (, and we'll let you know what we can offer. Please note, this is not available for all items.


You can generate your own quotes via our website. Just select your items as normal, then go to the Shopping Cart. At the bottom you choose 'Quotes and Purchase Orders' and the website will ask for your details. A quote will then be sent to your email.

NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme      

Skillbuilders are Registered Providers for equipment and resources in all states of Australia (awaiting Northern Territory). For children funded under the NDIS parents, carers and therapists can generate quotes directly from our website for particular items that they feel would benefit the child. This quote comes directly to your email and you can then take a copy to the NDIS planning meeting for inclusion in the child's plan.There are two categories in your child's NDIS Plan which can include equipment items:

CORE SUPPORTS/Consumables - Daily Adaptive Equipment


CAPITAL SUPPORTS/Assistive Technology - Flexible Equipment Package (For Changing Needs) Annual Amount

Children with special needs are eligible for an annual budget for 'low risk, low cost' equipment (Level 1) as part of their NDIS funding plan. This needs to be included at the planning meeting stage. It is designed to allow parents to access the bits and pieces needed to help children meet their NDIS goals. All of the products listed on our website come under this category, with the exception of Weighted Blankets.

What is the process?

 Step 1 - Check your child's plan has Assistive Technology or Consumables (Daily Adaptive Equipment) listed in the budget

 Step 2 - Choose the management method that applies to your child's plan

Self Managed


You can purchase just as normal from our website and submit the invoice to NDIA to claim. If you prefer to claim the funds first, you can:

* Generate a quote on our website
* Call or email to ask us to convert it to an invoice
* Submit this to NDIS and phone us once paid. You can pay us over the phone.
* We'll get your order ready to send in the meantime.

Plan Managed


In this case the Plan Manager pays the invoice.

* Generate a quote on our website (parents and/or therapists can do this)
* Print and complete the Service Agreement below and email to us 
* Call or email us so that we know to convert the quote into an invoice and send it to your Plan Manager
* We can send the order when payment has been completed.

NDIS Managed


When the plan is NDIS managed we submit the payment request to NDIS on the portal. You need to:

* Generate a quote on our website (again therapists and/or parents can do this)
* Print and complete the Service Agreement below and email to us.

Then we submit the request on the NDIS portal and send the items once approved (usually next day) 

To generate a Quote: 
                                     1. Select the items you'd like - click 'add to Quote'
                                     2. Go to the Shopping Cart and add shipping as indicated
                                     3. Click the button that says QUOTES and add in your details
                                     4. Click SUBMIT. An email will come to you in a few minutes.

Click here to download our  NDIS Service Agreement form

Frequently asked questions

Please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

For WA people, our shop is open:

Mondays 9am to 2pm

Tuesdays 9am to 5pm 

Wednesday 9am to 5pm

Thursday 9am to 2pm

Fridays 9am to 2pm

Saturdays 9am to 12pm

You can select the items you would like via our website and we can have them ready for you to collect in store. You can submit the order as a quote and then pay when you come in, or you can proceed as normal through from the Shopping Cart and pay online, simply select 'collect in store' to avoid postage charges.

We welcome you to our shop at: 

Unit 1/24 Hammond Rd, Cockburn Central WA 6164 

Click here for a map


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