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Orficast - Thermoplastic Tape

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  • Orficast Thermoplastic Tapeis athin, breathable, ventilated thermoplastic tape that conforms readily to create a precise fitting orthosis with smooth edges and a soft feel.
  • Specially designed knitfabric made of low temperature thermoplastic material. You can soften this material by dipping it in a bowl of hot water boiled in the kettle.
  • Then wrap the area by overlapping. Layers bond together when warm and come apart if forced open after cooling. Apply 2 to 3 layers for a semi-flexible support. You can trim with scissors and it's easy to smooth and flare edges.
  • Latex free. Comes in a 3 metre roll, 3 cm wide.
  • This is the ideal material to use for small hand splints to support hyper mobile thumb joints. Quick to make one for home and one for school.
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