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Ark Goshabunga Grabber

Ark Goshabunga Grabber

ARK's Grabber® has been a sensory oral sensory motor staple for 20 years.  Now it comes in a large / adult version!

Although adults can use the original Grabber, too, this Goshabunga version has a much larger loop to comfortably fit larger hands.  It's also a tad thicker, and the stem is about 0.8cm longer.

Use it as a safe alternative to chewing on one's hands, shirts, pencils, etc.  It can also be used as an oral motor therapy tool to practice biting/chewing skills without the risk of choking, build jaw strength and stability, and exercise the mouth muscles.  

The Goshabunga Grabber comes in 3 color-coded toughness levels:

  • Soft / Standard RED - recommended for mild chewing, individuals with low oral tone, or individuals with limited jaw strength just learning to bite and chew.  These are the softest ones with the most “squishiness” and “give” to them.
  • XT / Medium Firm GREEN - XT stands for "Xtra Tough."  These are firmer, but still fairly chewy. Recommended for moderate chewers.  Or, individuals working on building jaw strength can eventually "graduate" from the soft to the XT.
  • XXT / Very Firm BLUE - XXT stands for "Xtra Xtra Tough."  These are the most firm and provide the most resistance to the jaw.  No chew tool is indestructible, but these are very tough / the longest lasting option for avid chewing.  The Y-Chew XXT is usually the overall longest lasting chew for most avid chewers.

The original Grabber® measures about 12.7cm lengthwise, just under 4.8cm across the loop/handle, and 1.1cm thick.  This Goshabunga version measures about 17.3cm lengthwise, 5.3cm across the loop, and 1.2cm thick

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