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The Right Bite

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This is a great invention for children with feeding difficulties. Sometimes the ability to visually judge food and take an appropriately sized bite can be a difficult task. These children tend to 'stuff' their food into their mouths. Developed by ARK Therapeutic, the Right Bite solves this problem by allowing you to present a prescribed, manageable amount of food to the child. Simply slide a biscuit, cracker, cucumber slice, or the like into the opening until it protrudes from the semi-circle opening. Then offer the Right Bite to the child and tell him/her to "take a bite." Since only a portion of the food is presented at a time, the Right Bite encourages appropriate bite sizes, prevents mouth stuffing, and paces the rate of eating to allow for adequate chewing time. For jaw grading and control, use food items of various thicknesses and practice gauging how far to open the mouth for each food item. The Right Bite eliminates the risk of the therapist/caregiver being bitten during feeding therapy. The Right Bite is recommended for individuals of all ages. Measures roughly 9 x 5 cm and is dishwasher-safe.

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