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Yoga for Kids

Our Yoga Programmes at Skillbuilders have been a real hit! The following resources have been used within the programmes, and also by therapists and parents at home for a calming activity. There are many skills children can develop through Yoga - balance, core strength, motor planning, concentration as a start. These resources make it fun at the same time!

  • Doda Yoga

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    • YOGA FOR KIDS: Doda Yoga is an illustrated guide for children -and parents- to learn, practice, and enjoy yoga. Each set includes illustrated activity cards and is designed as a full yoga session.
    • RELAX AND HAVE FUN: Professional yoga content is facilitated by humour and simplicity resulting in a light and fun environment for children to discover their body and enjoy movement.
    • BENEFITS: Yoga is a wonderful and efficient tool for children to develop focus and concentration skills, develop balance and coordination, and improve muscle tone.
    • COMPACT & CONVENIENT: Perfectly sized, these sets come in compact high-quality tin boxes that conveniently fit into any travel bag or backpack. Take the kids’ activities everywhere you go!
    • WHAT’S INSIDE: The Doda Yoga – Relaxation & Serenity box includes activity cards, detailed instructions, and hours of fun! There are 4 different tins, each with different yoga poses.
    * Relaxation and Serenity
    * Parents & Children
    * In Nature, and 
    * Focus & Concentration.
    • Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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  • The Yoga Garden Game

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    The Yoga Garden Game New Edition has 24 YogaKids Pose Cards you are going to love! This delightful game is designed by Jennifer Durand, a San Francisco yoga teacher who specialises in teaching yoga to children.  
    Since many yoga positions are named after animals and objects found in nature, kids can use their imaginations while learning different poses. The objective of the game is to plant a flower garden before night falls. As players move their bumblebee marker around the board they learn classic yoga poses, as well as have the chance to make up their own. 
    Yoga is a highly therapeutic, fun way for children to develop a whole range of skills - balance, postural control, focus, self-regulation just for starters. 
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  • Tools for Schools - Yoga Tool Box

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    Each easy-to-use digital pose card features one or more photographs of children in the pose. The back of each card includes Pose Instructions as well as Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration with activity ideas adaptable for any grade level.

    • 50 Pose Cards with Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration
    • 7 Different Categories Featuring; Calm & Quiet, Energize & Empower, Posture & Flexibility, General Poses, Strength & Confidence, Focus & Concentration, Cooperation & Connection
    • Categories/Cards are Colour Coded (Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange & Red)
    • Linked index for ease of use.

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  • Yoga for the Classroom - DVD

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    Yoga for the Classroom includes three, fifteen minute yoga-based movement and breathing sequences that can be used in the classroom (or at home) anytime, with every child. Research shows that constructive movement enhances well-being and that conscious breathing helps students to release stress and regulate behaviour. Create an optimal learning environment for your students with YogaKids Tools for Schools: Yoga for the Classroom.

    Yoga helps children to express their energy in a positive way, while improving their posture and flexibility. This tool helps children develop the self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence that are the foundation of exceptional learning and a lifetime of health and wellness.

    Ages 7-12

    Total Running Time: 1 hour 8 minutes

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  • Yoga Spinner Game

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    Give the spinner a whirl and perform the pose on the corresponding Yoga Pose Card. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card, and the first player to collect a card in each colour wins! A fun activity to help children develop so many skills - motor planning, postural control, muscle tone and strength.
    Ages 5+

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  • YogaKids Silly to Calm DVD

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    Harness any child’s willy-nilly energy and turn it into constructive, character building fitness playtime. In this remarkable, award-winning DVD, kids’ yoga expert Marsha Wenig meets children where they are – in high gear – and expertly shifts their frame of mind from silly to steady, restless to relaxed, boisterous to balanced.

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  • Yogarilla Fun Deck

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    OTis, the OT Gorilla, is here to teach children traditional and original yoga poses in a fun and engaging way! The 55 yoga poses and 110 activities in this colourfully illustrated 15cm x 22cm card deck help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Each card depicts a pose. On the back of the card there are directions, as well as adaptations for children not able to manage the standard pose, and also extra activity suggestions.

    Yoga can be used in the classroom, at home, or in therapy sessions to help children improve fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, attention, communication, and cognition.
    Yogarilla Exercises and Activities Yoga Deck
    • 55 color-coded cards with traditional and original yoga poses.
      • 10 standing, 10 seated, 10 prone, 10 supine, and 10 hands and knees.
      • 3 partner poses (Two children work together in a pose).
      • 2 breathing poses (Improve awareness of breath and breath support).
    • Content cards include: How to Use Yogarilla, Benefits of Yogarilla, Guidelines, Props, Table of Contents, Extension Activities in the Classroom, and How to Enhance Communication.

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