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Deep Pressure

Deep pressure does amazing things for children. It calms the restless, movement seeker, calms the hyper-sensitive, edgy child, and calms the child who struggles to know where his body is in space. 'Heavy Work' refers to a big range of activities that give a child deep pressure input to their muscles and joints. This kind of 'heavy work' stimulates the child's proprioceptors (sensory receptors)and therefore helps the child develop better awareness of their body. Our best athletes are known to have superior proprioceptive awareness! There is also good research evidence to support the provision of deep pressure input through the use of weighted items (eg vests, lapbags, blankets) for children and adults with special needs. As indicated above, they are recommended particularly for people with sensory processing disorders and are worn for time limited periods. We recommend discussing the use of these strategies with your child's OT.

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      Happy Sacks

      Happy Sacks

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      Happy Sacks provide tactile and proprioceptive input for sensory integration and self expression for children and teens. 

      The Happy Sack is designed for spatial awareness, balance and coordination. They are particularly wonderful to use with music. Children can feel what their bodies are doing and can have lots of fun watching themselves in a mirror - further enhancing the sensory feedback. The tactile, resistive fabric gives them pressure feedback which is calming and will help children who tend to be tactile defensive, as well as sensory seeking children. These Happy Sacks are made with premium quality, thick lycra with no annoying velcro at the opening.

      Size guidelines:

      Extra Small: 3-5 years (60cm x 90cm)

      Small: 5-6 years (60cm x 115cm)

      Medium: 6-10 years (71cm x 135cm)

      Large: 10-14 years (71cm x 148cm)


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