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Scissor Skills

Developing cutting skills is a very sequential process. Children need to first learn how to open and shut scissors in order to snip. Practicing activities with tongs and nippers helps consolidate this skill. Then they can move on to cutting short, straight lines, before curves and simple shapes. We have included a range of books to help with this process. Self-opening and easy-grip scissors also help children learn to plan the motor action. Some tips: start with thicker paper, practice cutting things other than paper, eg playdough, and always the correct position is 'thumbs UP for cutting' - ie non-dominant thumb on top of the paper, and dominant thumb in the top loop of the scissors. This ensures the child is in the best position for the job!

    • Peta USB -Developing Scissor Skills

      Peta USB -Developing Scissor Skills

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      The Developing Basic Scissor Skills – USB stick is a digital version of the Peta Developing Scissor Skills Work Cards (see below), giving all information in PDF format allowing the activities to be viewed on your favourite digital media and printed from the file. There is a choice of four languages – English, French, German or Spanish.

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