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School Tools

This section includes a range of items to help children do their best at school. There are many items throughout our website to help meet this goal, however we've pulled out a few 'key contenders' for ease of searching. Please look also under 'Pencil Grips', 'Scissors', and in the Motor section under 'Posture and Seating' and 'Things for left Handers' for more specific suggestions.

    • Disc 'o' Sit CushionDisc 'o' Sit CushionDisc 'o' Sit Cushion

      Disc 'o' Sit Cushion

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      The Disc 'O' Sit Cushion provides children with the movement they need while staying seated! A round inflated rubber seating cushion which is great for promoting correct seated posture, and/or for providing sensory input during seating for sensory regulation.  Ideal for mat time as well as for desk work. May be used as a stepping stone in gross motor activities.  A benefit of the disc'o'sit cushion, compared to other options, is that the amount of inflation can be adjusted by simply removing the stopper to release air, or blow air in, and replacing the stopper. Adult disc diameter 39cm. Junior disc diameter 32cm.


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    5 out of 5 stars


    Great for mat time or using on a chair. I prefer this to other options as you can adjust the quantity of air.
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