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Pencil grips

We have a large range of pencil grips aimed at addressing a variety of dysfunctional grip styles. It isn't absolutely necessary to have a classic 'dynamic tripod' pencil grip to be 'functional'. If a child's pencil grasp causes no pain and allows them to write at a similar pace to their peers with a similar level of legibility, then that's fine. However, if this is not the case, it may be worth considering pencil grips to help the child achieve a more comfortable, stable position. The most universal product that addresses most issues is The Pencil Grip. If you are unsure which is the right product for your child please contact us and one of our therapists can advise you.

    • Crossover Pencil Grip

      Crossover Pencil Grip

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      This is the new design from the makers of The Pencil Grip. This grip is highly recommended to assist children to learn to maintain a comfortable grip without thumb-wrapping. Now our most popular pencil grip! This grip has a soft, comfortable feel and is suitable for left or right handers.



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