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Games provide a fun way for children to engage in valuable learning of specific skills. And the best bit is they don't even realise they're doing it!

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      Where's Bear

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      Discover various games you can play with little ones, with "Where’s Bear?" blocks and wooden Teddy Bear.

      Each block is beautifully illustrated, showing five rooms in Bear’s house and Bear’s backyard. On each block, there are multiple items to talk about and, learn to know and name.

      Various games can be played with the five blocks and the small wooden painted Teddy Bear. One suggested game incorporates two activities of stacking blocks and finding a hidden object - children take turns hiding Teddy while the other players seek out Teddy.

      Another game refers to the smaller illustrations on the top of the blocks - name an object on the top of a block, and then ask your toddler to find the object on the sides of the block. A little visual matching game that will also reinforce knowing and naming.

      There are other suggested games which aim to extend language skills. 


      • For ages 2+ years
      • Includes
        • 6 x Sturdy stacking blocks
        • 1 x Wooden bear
        • Instructions
        • Parents guide

      Learning Skills:

      • Problem-solving
      • Spatial concepts
      • Object permanence
      • Matching and sorting

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