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    • Parenting Is Forever

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      by Elizabeth Green 

      ‘Believe and trust in your children. But most of all, be kind.’

      Parents ask, ‘Why are children so anxious?’, ‘Has my child got autism?’, ‘How do I calm a screaming baby, yelling child or angry teenager?’ and ‘What can I do when my child wants to die?’ Anxiety, autism, ADHD and learning problems make school hard. Depression, self-harm, cyberbullying and eating disorders are part of our complex lives. Stress, busyness and a digital world changes parenting. Parenting is Forever reflects the ongoing conversations of a paediatrician with those who care for children. It is influenced by her experience as a parent and from helping more than 30,000 families over twenty-five years. Dr Elizabeth Green shares her practical tips for navigating the developmental stages of childhood. From before birth, through early childhood and adolescence to adulthood. Parenting is not a competition. It’s okay to fail and try again. That’s what makes us better parents.

      We'd like to recommend this book to parents. Dr Elizabeth Green has been our local paediatrician since we commenced Skillbuilders back in 1993. She has always provided our families with wonderful care, always thorough, comprehensive, and providing parents with valued guidance and support. All this is reflected in this book. So many pearls of wisdom!

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