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Alert Programme

The Alert Programme is one of our favourite programmes at Skillbuilders. We have been successfully supporting children to learn about self-regulation using this programme for a number of years now. Some of the resources to support the programme are listed below. If you're new to the Alert Programme we recommend you look out for an OT with experience in using it to help you get started.

    • Keeping on Track (Alert Program Game)

      Keeping on Track (Alert Program Game)

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      This is not your ordinary board game! All players are drivers with engines, traveling around a course, set to check in regularly on their internal engine speeds. Are they speeding or idling? What can they do to run “just right?” You, the adult, are the Track Official, directing the action and discussion. All of this supports the players' cognitive, social, sensory, self-regulation development. Keeping on Track Board Game can be enjoyed at home and school, and in therapy settings.

      After children have been introduced to the Alert Program® concepts through the Leader’s Guide activities and Test Drive songs, they are ready for this one-of-a-kind game. The 45cm x 45cm board captures children’s imaginations with colourful illustrations and landmarks along their road trip. Four cars, one die, and three sets of cards are included in the game box. The game cards reinforce the three stages of the Alert Program® as taught in the Leader’s Guide. When answering Engine Speed card questions, children learn more about how to identify engine levels (Stage One). Using the Tools cards, children learn more about the five ways to change engine levels (Stage Two). The Tune-Up cards ask questions that encourage problem-solving and independent self-regulation (Stage Three). Blank cards provided can be used to stack the deck with individualised questions. With your purchase, you’ll receive game instructions with “bonus materials” offering numerous ways to play and adapt the game. You’ll have everything you need to guide children to learn how to “keep on track” at home, at school, or in therapy settings. NOTE: This game will serve you well, if you are familiar with self-regulation and sensory processing theory. If you are a newcomer to the Alert Program®, you may want to purchase the Leader’s Guide to get the most out of playing the Keeping on Track Board Game or we recommend finding an Occupational Therapist to support your efforts.

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