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Alert Programme

The Alert Programme is one of our favourite programmes at Skillbuilders. We have been successfully supporting children to learn about self-regulation using this programme for a number of years now. Some of the resources to support the programme are listed below. If you're new to the Alert Programme we recommend you look out for an OT with experience in using it to help you get started.

    • Alert Programme CD Set

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      The Alert Program® CD is a double CD set. One of the CDs is an introduction to the program with excerpts from the 
      Introductory Booklet (read by the authors). The second CD has fun, playful songs that help children change their levels of alertness at home or school. All songs are kid-tested, therapist/parent/teacher-approved, with titles such as “Slo-Mo,” “Thumb Wrestling,” “Swamp Balomp,” “Hawk,” and “Hokey OT.”
      As children get familiar with the Alert Program®, these songs will help them to self-regulate. For instance, a child might say at bedtime, “My engine is running high. Could we play the ‘Hawk Song’ to help me fall asleep?”
      Take a listen here…
      Sample from “Flea Market”

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      Sample from “Stop-N-Go”

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