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    • Fantacolour Portable Pegs 300Fantacolour Portable Pegs 300

      Fantacolour Portable Pegs 300

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      Quercetti Fantacolor Portable is classic creative fun. By inserting the pegs in the tablet children can create their own pictures and develop their hand-eye coordination. There are also pictures in the album they can copy. Kids can also make numbers, letters and words. All of the 300 colourful pegs pieces are stored in one case making it easy to carry and suitable for travelling. The case also allows children to hang a completed mosaic on a wall as a decoration, until they're ready to create a new one! Starting a new design is easy – just overturn the tablet and push out the pegs. For ages 4 and above What is included?

      • 300 pegs in 5 different colours
      • 1 pegboard (28 x 20 cm)
      • 1 plastic carrying case
      • 1 album with design patterns

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