Fiddly Fun Groups

Skillbuilders offer an innovative programme for children aged 2 to 4 years of age (pre-kindy). These groups have been designed by Occupational Therapists to enhance children’s fine motor or small hand skills.  This programme is important to help children develop the skills they need in readiness for Kindy - to be able to listen, follow simple instructions, and participate in a group. Activities are designed to be fun and incorporate early learning concepts like shapes, colours, numbers, along with early fine motor skills like cutting, drawing, building, and creating. Many activities incorporate music and movement.

There are only up to 6 places per group and the groups run for an hour each week. Parents (or grandparents, or other carers) attend with their child and participate in the group with them. The cost is $15 per session for 10 weeks and there is a $20 materials fee - so $170 per 10 week term. Alternatively you can pay $20 casual rate. Fiddly Fun is run at our Cockburn Central practice on Thursday mornings.

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For More Information, see our Frequently Asked Questions Below

 Will there be activities provided that I can do with my child at home?

 Yes. Each week we’ll provide some information relating to activities completed during the session. Children will complete an activity each week during the group, commence another activity to complete at home, and participate in a range of activities which can be duplicated at home.

What if we can’t attend one week?

 In this case we will attempt to offer you a make-up class if there are spots free in any of the other groups running. Please let us know in advance.

What do I do if my child doesn’t want to participate?

 Some children will readily participate in every aspect of the programme from the first moment. Others will take a little while to ‘ease into’ the routine! Please just encourage your child to do as much as they are happy to do. For some this will be to just sit and watch for a while. This is fine. We’ll help where needed, however we are also mindful of not undermining your parental role. If your child is disruptive for any reason, please just take him or her out of the room to take a moment to settle, then come back in.

Should I bring siblings along?

Your child will benefit best from this programme with your one to one attention. If you have other children to consider they can distract you, your child, and the other children in the group. Immobile babies in capsules or prams are generally fine. Unfortunately we are unable to offer crèche facilities.  

Are these groups for children with identified needs?

 No. These groups are for all kids – those who love fine motor activity and want to do more, as well as those who avoid fine motor and need some extra opportunity and encouragement.

 Can I claim from my Health Insurance?

 Please discuss this with us as particular circumstances apply.

  • Our occupational therapy team offers extensive experience, practical skills and empathy in working with children. Our occupational therapy services include comprehensive assessment, individualised therapy, and a range of small group programmes. We have 9 Occupational Therapists offering a range of specialist skills.

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  • Through games and exercises, physiotherapists help babies and children learn to improve the quality of their movement. Our physiotherapy services include detailed assessment of strength, muscle tone and motor skills, tailored treatment, individually designed therapy programmes, practical advice to parents and carers, individual and group programmes.

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  • Early detection of communication problems is essential to each child’s development, well-being and self-esteem. Children who experience a delay in onset of talking often have difficult to detect middle ear problems, causing hearing loss. They frequently go on to have literacy problems if the underlying language difficulties are not remedied.

    If you have a child who has trouble speaking at a developmental level that is right for their age, we can help them develop speech that is clear and understandable.

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  • Skillbuilders offers an extensive and innovative range of contemporary educational toys and learning products for children from 0 – 18 years.

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  • There are a number of rebates and funding options available to individuals to assist with therapy services and product purchases.

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  • As always Skillbuilders will be offering programmes for children entering PP, Year 1, 2, and 3 this coming January School Holidays.

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