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Sensory Support Flip-Book

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A practical and information new resource by Sally McNamara, Occupational Therapist

The Sensory Support Flip-Book Guide has been created for anyone who wants to find out more about the sensory preferences and needs of someone they know- or perhaps learn more about themselves. It is particularly relevant for individuals who are more easily 'over-stimulated' or 'under-stimulated' by certain sensations, and can become dysregulated as a result.

It has been written as a guide for parents or teachers of children who want to provide the optimal conditions for learning, development and task engagement for an individual (or individuals) that they know.
The book can also be used as a tool for therapists to guide basic assessment, education, treatment and support of individuals in their care.The flip-card style allows for easy identification of sensory needs and preferences so that the relevant strategies can then be put in place to support that person as required.

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