About Us

We are a team of qualified professionals with broad experience in working with children ranging in age from 0 to 18 years. Skillbuilders Therapy has been providing quality therapy services for children and families in Perth for 23 years!

We provide an individualised program for each child through collaboration with parents and teachers. Therapy support is coordinated by the team to address treatment priorities for children.

School, home and day-care visits are provided whenever needed to observe children in their normal environment, liaise with people involved with their day-to-day care, and to ensure developmental opportunities are maximised.

Our Mission

Skillbuilders, established since 1995, will be a leader in the delivery of specialist multidisciplinary child therapy services in the private health sector in Western Australia.  Our clients will be referred because of our reputation as a leading therapy service provider.

Skillbuilders will be a major retailer of child development products and equipment across Australia.

Our Values

Value statements are the foundation for the Group. Over time our strategic direction may change but it is unlikely that our value statements will change significantly.

  1. SafetySafety is the priority value for our Group. We will ensure a safe working environment for staff and fellow professionals. Our facilities will be maintained and equipment use supervised to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients.
  1. Client Focus: Our reputation, as a leading child therapy service provider will be built by treating clients as individuals and consulting with families and carers. Clients will receive excellent service – products will be priced competitively and delivered on time.
  1. Integrity: We value, trust and respect, honesty and openness. We will act ethically in all our relationships.
  2. Innovation:  Skillbuilders are innovative therapy service providers. We will look for new ways to improve our performance and only do those things that ensure our business and therapy practices are successful.
  1. Growth:  Skillbuilders is focussed on growth – for both therapy services and products. We will ensure sufficient skilled and capable people are available to satisfy growth requirements for our clients.

  • Our occupational therapy team offers extensive experience, practical skills and empathy in working with children. Our occupational therapy services include comprehensive assessment, individualised therapy, and a range of small group programmes. We have 9 Occupational Therapists offering a range of specialist skills.

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  • Through games and exercises, physiotherapists help babies and children learn to improve the quality of their movement. Our physiotherapy services include detailed assessment of strength, muscle tone and motor skills, tailored treatment, individually designed therapy programmes, practical advice to parents and carers, individual and group programmes.

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  • Early detection of communication problems is essential to each child’s development, well-being and self-esteem. Children who experience a delay in onset of talking often have difficult to detect middle ear problems, causing hearing loss. They frequently go on to have literacy problems if the underlying language difficulties are not remedied.

    If you have a child who has trouble speaking at a developmental level that is right for their age, we can help them develop speech that is clear and understandable.

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  • Skillbuilders offers an extensive and innovative range of contemporary educational toys and learning products for children from 0 – 18 years.

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  • There are a number of rebates and funding options available to individuals to assist with therapy services and product purchases.

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  • As always Skillbuilders will be offering programmes for children entering PP, Year 1, 2, and 3 this coming January School Holidays.

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  • Skillbuilders will be running a range of new, small group therapy programmes

    Fiddle Fun Groups
    Skillbuilders Development Squad

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