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LCD Board with Stylus

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Awesome as a literacy tool in the class, at home, out and about and in the car.

These are amazing.  Especially good for homework/remote learning & supported learning sessions!   If you remember the etch-a-sketch of the 70/80's - well this is similar in concept but WAAAAY better. Using the stylus you 'write' on the board creating numbers/letters/pictures/games.  If wanting to try again, just hit the delete button (if in unlock mode) and it gives you an blank screen again. 

Lock/Unlock screen button at the back. This allows the user to write on the board and simply press the button and it all disappears. Has a replaceable battery in top. Wonderful for doing sums, writing, drawing or playing games.  Multi sensory tool to assist with learning and fun! Saves on paper too. 

Also great for a communication tool for those with hearing or speech difficulties

Helps reduce the frustration of error as at the touch of a button the screen deletes.  Especially great for those struggling with writing and literacy. 

These boards have a rounder stylus (most others have a flat stylus) which makes them great for those still developing pen grip or have hand function difficulties.  

The board has a space on it to clip the stylus into.  Alternatively you can tie the stylus onto the board with a ribbon or clip it onto a lanyard. 

The battery is replaceable. 

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