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HowdaHug Seat

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Skillbuilders is an exclusive distributor of the HowdaHug seats in Australia. The HowdaHug seats have been around for a long time for adults, but are newly available to children. They're designed as a recreational/camping chair which rolls up easily for storage. However, they are a fantastic option for kids at mat time! Movement seekers can get that bit of vestibular input they need by rocking. Extra proprioception is provided by the way the seat 'hugs' the body. The HowdaHug is also a very practical way to provide postural support to the child with low muscle tone. The HowdaHug seat is available in 3 sizes.

The Petite is 33cm wide and 33cm high (for children approx 3-6 years)

The Howda2 is 35cm wide and 40cm high (for children approx 5-10yrs, children with tall, slim build)

The HowdaHug is 40.5cm wide and 40cm high (for children approx 7-12 yrs)

Larger adult sizes are available as well on request. There are small, medium, and large sizes (ranging from 40-48cm wide, and 36-39cm high)

Carry Bags are also available.

The HowdaHugs are popular in schools particularly for children with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Autism spectrum disorders and Attention Deficit Disorder.As quoted by a teacher working with students with special needs:

The HowdaHUG chair has been well received by students in my young autism class. It helps them sit and attend during floor time group activities. It also has been very helpful during individual work times to get them focused and reduce elopement. It allows for sensory breaks through rocking and pushing without needing to transition away from the work area.

PLEASE NOTE - Howdahugs are in high demand! So, sometimes we are out of stock and it can be hard to keep up! Please go ahead and pre-order and we will get your seat to you ASAP.

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