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Geo Pegboard Activity Set


An excellent set for use with individual children or small groups. Focus on fine motor skills and visual motor skills. The Geo Pegboard Activity Set includes 4 EVA foam boards that can be joined together,144 pegs in 6 colours,12 laces, and12 x 2-sided activity cards allin a sturdy plastic container.

Extra ideas:
* To help children develop fine motor strength and control have them hold the boards against a vertical surface and place the pegs in this position. Working from the floor they'll also be developing postural control!
* Add in a visual memory component - have the children create the designs first with the stimulus cards, then from memory.
A very versatile resource for therapists and teachers to have at hand.

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Softies Variation N/A
Set of 3 (green, yellow and red) N/A
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