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Furry Animal Gel Pack Fidgets

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NEW! A favorite new fidget tool! Furry Animal Gel Pack Fiddles are filled with delightfully tactile, round gel beads you can squish, squash, and roll around with your fingers. It's hard to stop kneading and petting these extra soft 'n' furry fiddles! There are 2 fun "animals" to choose from: a Furry Gel Cow with silky smooth fur and a fluffy soft Jellyfish that has extra thick swirly fur. These cool 19 x 19cm sensory fidgets make an awesome 2-handed fidget for older children, teens, and adults to keep on their laps for discreet fidgeting in classrooms or at the office or to use when traveling. The gel pack inserts can be heated or chilled, which increases the therapeutic sensory benefits. Tactile sensory seekers LOVE these.Designed for gentle fidgeting. Adult supervision is required. Recommended for fidgeters ages 8-up.

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