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Feelings, Moods and all that Stuff


The job of every parent is to help a child to understand and manage those big things called feelings. Most of the years of childhood are taken up by learning about feelings and how to get them under control. The Parents Guide for Feelings, moods and all that stuff helps parents to understand that long and complex journey and gives strategies and practical tools that help children to manage their feelings.

Much of parenting can be taken up by being a hostage to the feelings of children and how theyre expressed as behaviours. They can derail family events, routines, learning and the ability to get out and about with your child. This guide explores all of that, how feelings are expressed including moods, silliness and withdrawal, and gives practical ways to get feelings under control.

This Guidehelps parents to understand how feelings develop and how to help a child towards resilient, regulated and respectful relationships. Beautiful, life-changing reading that will have every parent nodding along, having some aha moments and adding a whole bunch of useful tools to their parenting toolbox. CompanionKids Guideavailable purchase the pairand save!

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