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All-Band (or Theraband)

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Versatile All-Band is a natural rubber resistive material that's wonderful for proprioceptive activities and strengthening activities. Beyond strengthening activities, the firm grades can also be used to pull children on scooter boards, and they can be tied around chair legs as a kicker strip for children who seek movement and proprioception. An excellent item to have in your bag of goodies!

All-Band is available in 1.5 metre lengths, in six different levels ofresistance. Most therapists recommend the yellow theraband for use with children for general strengthening activities. This provides 'soft grade' resistance. We also carry the next 2 grades, however if you would prefer a higher level of resistance please send us an accompanying email when you order and we will get it in for you. The price is the same.

All-Band is 99.9% latex allergen free.

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