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Chalkboard DIY Building Blocks

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These blocks are not just ordinary blocks! This is a great VMI activity for therapists to use to have children translate images from parts to whole and whole to parts, to work out how the pieces can go together to re-create their drawing, etc. We can create picture templates as starting points for kids to complete (visual closure), copy from memory (visual memory), or just copy (visual spatial skills). We can create a building design for children to copy onto a piece of paper (VMI) then take it down so they can rebuild it by imitating, copying, or from memory. And kids can build their own house design from scratch. Heaps of applications!

Includes 9 chalkboard blocks, 7 pieces of chalk and 1 duster - 21 pieces altogether. Made of wood. Largest block measures 9 H x 4.5 W x 2cm D. Ages 3yrs+
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