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Calming Vest


Weighted vests work by providing children with sensory processing difficulties with the deep pressure sensory input that they needto calm and organise themselves. This type of ongoing sensory input can make all the difference for some children. We recommend consulting with an Occupational Therapist to determine if this is an appropriate strategy for your child.

The vests are available in black and navy blue. When ordering a vest please send us an accompanying email indicating your choice of colour and your child's weight. We make the weights up to 5% of your child's body weight. This is the recommended weight, however some children do better with more weight. In this case you can purchase an extra set of weights - see Calming Vest Weights Set. The weights sit in pockets at the child's waist, 2 at the front and 2 at the back.

It's important not to leave the weights in for extended periods of time, e.g. greater than 45 minutes. You can reach in and easily take the weights out of the pockets without having to take the vest off the child. Then pop them back in approximately 45 minutes later.

Please allow two weeks for your weighted item to be made foryou.

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