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Calming Clothing

Calming Clothing for Kids has been designed specifically for children with sensory processing difficulties, including children with a diagnosis like autism, ADHD. Calming Clothing provides children with deep pressure, or proprioceptive, sensory input. Deep pressure input can be calming and organising for many children who find it difficult to self-regulate. This can help them in all aspects of their day - their interactions with others, their attention, their activity levels and behaviour. Proprioceptive input also provides children with improved information about their bodies and this can help their motor skills - both fine and gross motor.

Calming Clothing includes Tshirts and singlets that have a casual look and can be worn on their own, or under other clothing. They are designed to fit the child snuggly to provide a feeling of security and calm, but not too tight. They are designed with maximum length to the torso, and the singlets have full coverage around the neck and shoulders to provide extra deep pressure.

Calming Clothing is made from easy-care premium quality 280 gram combed cotton and lycra blend. The fabric is soft, breathable and absorbs moisture for the comfort of the child. All items are machine washable on a gentle cycle. The seams are sewn externally, then sewn down, with the content label attached to the outside of the garment to prevent any issues with tactile hypersensitivity. The label can be removed by the purchaser.

Use the following table to measure your child's size:

Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
2 34 25
3 42 26
4 47 27
6 50.5 29
8 54 31
10 57.5 33
12 61 35
14 64.5 37

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