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Bouncy Bands


For children who find it difficult to stay seated for long periods of time, Bouncy Bands for Chairs are designed to allow them to wiggle while they work!

For active, movement seeking children, the Bouncy Bands can provide the input that they need to stay focused and productive while seated. Additionally, children who feel anxious when working, may enjoy being able to stretch their legs as a means to release their anxiety while they work. Those childrenwho's feet don't touch the floor can use the bands as a foot rest instead of having them dangling all day.

Made from really heavy duty, latex-free rubber with loops at each end to fit around the included support pipes.

Available in regular and wide widths:

Regular = The bands will stretch to fit chairs that have a distance from 33-44 cm between the chair legs.
Wide = The bands will stretch to fit chairs that have a distance from 43-60 cm between the chair legs.

Please Note: Chair legs need to be less than 3.6cm diameter.

We've now added 'Band Only' which is just the regular size heavy duty Bouncy Band without the support pipes. This is an option for the square-leg chairs as the support pipes don't fit over these. You can make 'tennis-ball socks' to prevent the bands slipping down to the floor, but mostly they don't tend to move anyway.

To make tennis ball socks:
1. Get 4 tennis balls
2. Cut a slit in each ball
3. Push the chair legs into the slits
4. It works!!

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