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Arm Weights


Arm weights assist in reducing a tremor through weight and circumferential pressure. These arm weights have proven to be very effective and still allow the child's forearm to rest on the table surface, eg when drawing. Children are steadier and have more control for all fine motor activities, includingcuttingand careful tracing.Orders are for single arm weights only.

This unique design is made of durable stretch cotton lycra, with lead free steel shot distributed evenly along the full length of the forearm. They're not bulky so children are able to rest their forearms comfortably o the desk (eg for writing activities).

Sizing is determined by the circumference at the fullest part of the forearm:

* Extra small = 12 - 16cm (weight is 115gms)

* Small = 16 - 20cm (weight is 225gms)

* Medium = 20 - 24cm (weight is 450gms)

* Large = 24 - 29cm (weight is 450gms)

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