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Therapy Kits

Therapists at Skillbuilders have developed a range of 'therapy kits' which provide you with a range of goodies to assist children's progress in specific areas. These are great resources for parents, all providing information and resources at your fingertips. They're also very useful to busy therapists, especially therapists who are providing services in a range of locations as they provide an instant range of very portable activities.

    • SkillB Sensory Seekers Fidget Kit

      SkillB Sensory Seekers Fidget Kit

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      Skillbuilders Sensory Seekers Kit comes in a handy box and includes a variety of items which will form an excellent start for any 'fidget box' programme.  For many children with sensory processing issues the provision of tactile sensory experiences is calming and organising.  Children can readily access and manipulate each item. We have compiled the kit over time with all our favourites! Lots to explore. The pack also includes information and further activity ideas. Items may include:

      • Whatzit                                  
      • Stress ball 
      • Cobweb ball                            
      • Koosh Ball
      • Finger Puppet                          
      • Marble Fidget
      • Stretch Lizard
      • Zipper bracelet                  
      • Bendeez
      • Brain Noodle                          
      • EZ Scrub Brush
      • Theratubing (which can be used to make bracelets, for leg kick-backs, etc)

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