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Good balance and postural control underpins children's development in all fine and gross motor tasks. Children can practice and develop their abilities anywhere, anytime - just find a curb or a low wall to practice on, or practice games like 'Lame dog' and 'Scarecrow' as movement breaks from sit-down activities. Below are some more ideas...

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      Scooter Boards

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      Scooter boards are brilliant for developing all sorts of fundamental movement skills. They are an essential item for therapy and can be used in a multitude of ways. Scooterboard 'work' helps children develop postural stability, strength, motor planning skills, bilateral coordination, and more. And above all, kids love them. At home they provide a great way to build therapy goals into daily activities, eg 'bath time' can mean time to get on the scooter to go through the house to the bathroom! So much more fun!

      We have a small and large size available, there are connectors which enable two scooters to be joined together for train rides, etc, and the scooterboard paddles are another great idea to really build on upper body strength and bilateral coordination.

      Small scooter boards are 29cm square

      Large scooter boards are 40cm square.

      Colours - Small scooterboards are available in primary colours. The large ones are in primary colours as well as purple and orange. If you have a particular colour in mind please send us an email after you order -

      These scooter boards are strong and stable, made with durable moulded plastic and good quality castors.


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