As Occupational Therapists, we are always looking at how a child's perception of their sensory world is developing. Their sensory world includes the development of their vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch and movement (vestibular and proprioception).

For some children, they find it difficult to process these sensory sensations (known as sensory processing) and can either become 'avoidant' of these sensations, or at the other extreme, 'seeking' of these senses. We have included a selection of toys and equipment that we feel can be used to promote children's sensory development.

There is also a range of weighted equipment which aids in providing deep touch pressure and be calming.For further information on the recommended use of weighted products ie: vests, lapbags and blankets, see our information sheet: Weighted Products

Bilibo - APBIL

Bilibo is a new award-winning toy which stimulates childrens' imaginations as they explore the many ways they can have fun with this simple and ingenious toy. The Bilibo can be used to sit in, on, under, climb on, be a turtle shell, a bucket, or a hat. A bit like watching the delight children get from playing with a cardboard box, with the added benefits to postural control, balance, and motor planning. Please email us directly if you would like a particular colour - available in red, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow.

* Prices include GST

Brain String - RTBSA

Great fiddly toy or brain challenge! Bright coloured elastic strings that can be pulled and interchanged. All strings can be interchanged with each other without creating a knot. 

* Prices include GST

CD and Booklet- No Worries - CDNW

Songs, rhythms, and activities written by Gen Jereb, Occupational Therapist, to support children's attention, learning, for sensory modulation and self-regulation. For use with individuals and groups. Comes with a booklet of information, ideas and lyrics.

* Prices include GST

Chewy P's and Q's - ChewyPQ

Develop baby's biting skills safely and naturally with Chewy P's and Q's! Chewy P's and Q's offer fun and developmentally appropriate mouthing experiences that are better than the Dummy! Biting on the new Chewy Q exerciser helps strengthen the masseter jaw muscle needed to develop biting and chewing skills. Little fingers can easily grasp the attractive Chewy P's and Q's!

  • Encourages up/down jaw motion – Practice needed for developing biting and chewing skills, and important for later speech production.
  • Encourages side to side tongue movement – Skill needed to move food side to side in chewing
  • Allows proper and natural growth of the hard palate – Does not indent baby’s malleable palate.
  • Encourages variation in sound production – The mouth is open and available for sound exploration.

* Prices include GST

Chewy Tubes -

Chewytubes are specially designed to meet a range of therapeutic goals. Chewing on chewytubes provides safe, calming proprioceptive input, and facilitates oral tone. The Knobby Chewytubes provide extra tactile input. Chewy tubes are a practical, effective way to provide children with oral sensory input.

Chewy Tube - Yellow $ 8.95
Chewy Tube - Red $ 8.95
Chewy Tube - Knobby (Green) $ 8.95
Chewy Tube - Ps and Qs $ 10.95

* Prices include GST

Cobweb Balls -

Moulded rubber spiderweb ball, now available 7cm, 9cm, and 13cm diameter. Squeeze it, bounce it, throw it, roll it, grab it. Some erratic ball bouncing characteristics making it fun for all ages and skill levels. A handy addition also to a sensory fidget box.

Cobweb Ball 7cm $ 6.50
Cobweb Ball 9cm $ 7.50
Cobweb Ball 13cm $ 8.50

* Prices include GST

Curvy Carrot - 1350950

What a great discovery! Kids love this attractive new option. A quality silicone toothbrush for children to use as part of an oral sensory programme to provide excellent tactile and proprioceptive input. Easy to hold handle, flexible shape - it actually bends. Designed to be gentle on gums and teeth.  Latex free and non-allergenic.

* Prices include GST

Disc 'O' Sit Cushion -

The Disc 'O' Sit Cushion provides children with the movement they need while staying seated! A round inflated rubber seating cushion which is great for promoting correct seated posture, and/or for providing sensory input during seating for sensory regulation.  Ideal for mat time as well as for desk work. May be used as a stepping stone in gross motor activities.  Adult disc diameter 39cm. Junior disc diameter 32cm.

Disc 'O' Sit Cushion - Adult size 39cm $ 78.00
Disc 'O' Sit Cushion - Junior Size 32cm $ 61.50

* Prices include GST

E-Z Scrub Brushes - SS7002

These are one of the standard brushes recommended for sensory diets and Willbarger brushing protocols.  A brush on one side and a sponge on the other

* Prices include GST

Hand Weight -

Providing weight to the hand is an effective way to reduce a tremor, or to provide deep sensory input to increase sensory awarness.  The Handweights provide weight with maximum wrist and finger mobility.  The weight is reversible and the glove can be worn on the back of either hand.  Available in three sizes:
As a general indication, extra small = 2-5 years, small = 5-7, medium = 8+.

Hand Weight - Extra Small $ 28.00
Hand Weight - Small $ 28.00
Hand Weight - Medium $ 28.00
Hand Weight - Large $ 28.00

* Prices include GST

HowdaHug Seat - HHug

Skillbuilders is an exclusive distributor of the HowdaHug seats in Australia. The HowdaHug seats have been around for a long time for adults, but are newly available to children. They're designed as a recreational/camping chair which rolls up easily for storage. However, they are a fantastic option for kids at mat time! Movement seekers can get that bit of vestibular input they need by rocking. Extra proprioception is provided by the way the seat 'hugs' the body. The HowdaHug is also a very practical way to provide postural support to the child with low muscle tone. The HowdaHug seat is available in 3 sizes.

The Petite is 33cm wide and 33cm high (for children approx 3-6 years)

The Howda2 is 35cm wide and 40cm high (for children approx 5-10yrs, children with tall, slim build)

The HowdaHug is 40.5cm wide and 40cm high (for children approx 7-12 yrs)

The HowdaHugs are popular in schools particularly for children with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Autism spectrum disorders and Attention Deficit Disorder. As quoted by a teacher working with students with special needs:

The HowdaHUG chair has been well received by students in my young autism class. It helps them sit and attend during floor time group activities. It also has been very helpful during individual work times to get them focused and reduce elopement. It allows for sensory breaks through rocking and pushing without needing to transition away from the work area.

Petite Howdahug $ 89.95
Howda2 $ 89.95
HowdaHug $ 89.95

* Prices include GST

Kids Companion Chewelry Circle - KC20c

The Kids Companion chewelry offers another form of safe chewing for children who may require oral sensory input for self-regulation during their day. The chewable circles come on a 20" lanyard, in a range of colours. Please let us know if you require a 'boys' or 'girls' colour, by seperate email.

Other products to note are the Kids Companion in chewable hearts and the Kids Companion Fidget clips. 

* Prices include GST

Kids Companion Chewelry Heart - KCh

The Kids Companion chewelry offers another form of safe chewing for children who may require oral sensory input to help with self-regulation during their day. The chewable hearts come on an 20" lanyard, in a range of colours. Please let us know if you require a 'boys' or 'girls' colour, by seperate email.

Other products to note are the Kids Companion in chewable circles and the Kids Companion Fidget clips.

* Prices include GST

Massager Grips (Pack of 5) - MASGPS
These great new grips have 100's of soft, tiny massaging bristles that provide superb tactile comfort. In glittery fluoro colours.

* Prices include GST

Miracle Belt -

The Miracle Belt  is a product new to Australia. It provides children with calming deep pressure sensory input in the form of a weighted belt. Please follow the following link for more information The adult version is named the Sensory Belt. It is exactly the same design, the only difference being the size. Miracle belts are adjustable to fit waist ranges as follows:

MB101 - 35 - 60cm

MB202 - 40 - 65cm

MB303 - 45 - 70cm

SB404 - 65 - 90cm


Miracle Belt - Small (for children 7-11kg) $ 71.30
Miracle Belt - Medium (for children 11-20kg) $ 73.80
Miracle Belt - Large (for children 20-34kg) $ 76.35
Sensory Belt - For 34-56kg $ 79.50

* Prices include GST

Mohdoh -

Mohdoh is a range of bright, colourful mouldable doughsinfused with selected pure, essential oils. Mohdoh combines 3 positive sensory elements: smell (aromatherapy), touch (play therapy), and vision (colour therapy). Mohdoh is 100% non-toxic. After use put it back in the jar and keep using for up to 3 months.

Mohdoh - Chill Out $ 14.95
Mohdoh - No Worries (Relaxing for kids & adults) $ 14.95
Mohdoh - On the Ball (for focus & concentration) $ 14.95
Mohdoh - Travel Time (for squeamish travellers) $ 14.95
Mohdoh -ZZZzzz (calming & relaxing to encourage sleep) $ 14.95
Mohdoh - Breathe (Soothe and nurture deep breathing) $ 14.95

* Prices include GST

Move n Sit Cushion -

The Move n Sit cushion is a triangular wedge shaped cushion designed to promote correct seated posture. The wedge shape is particularly helpful for children who have low muscle tone and tend to sit with a slumped posture. These cushions are also an effective way to provide children with regulating sensory input whilst they remain seated.

Adult cushion measures 36cm x 36cm
Junior cushion measures 26cm x 26cm

Move n Sit Cushion - Adult $ 71.95
Move n Sit Cushion - Junior $ 62.50

* Prices include GST

Oral Motor Pack - OMPK

Our Oral Motor Pack includes a range of fun, durable items which will help children with identified needs to regulate arousal levels and attention. They are also effective in developing lip closure, jaw stability and respiration for speech. 
Activities include:
Chewytube, Microvoice changer, Pustefix Bubble straw, Curly Straw, Touchable bubbles, Crocodile Eye Popper, Slinky Dinks Worm Straw and Duck, Duck Drink Straw.
The pack also has lots of information and activity suggestions for general oral-motor play, blowing and sucking (not pictured). You could use the pack specifically for children with oral-motor issues, or as part of a sensory diet (where it is often beneficial to include more oral motor activities).

* Prices include GST

Play Foam - PFR

Squish it, shape it, save it…..or smoosh it and start all over again! With PlayFoam, children have hours of creative fun on their hands! This lightweight, colorful foam sculpting material won't crumble, and it won't stick to skin or surfaces -- so there's no cleanup required.

PlayFoam never dries out, so children can use it over and over and over again! The Combo 8-Pack contains: Sparkle green, yellow, orange and pink, plus Original orange, blue, green, and purple.

Non-toxic, no gluten, no protein, no worries! 

Ages 3 and up.

* Prices include GST

Qubigame 7 - RTQG
Flip tiles up or down to make no fewer than seven cubic shapes. The first few shapes might seem easy to craft but the challenge is to put your 3D vision to the test and find all seven shapes. We've actually chosen this game as we thought it was an excellent fidget tool for older children.

* Prices include GST

Sea Anenome - 33-120

A highly tactile option for children who benefit from using fidget toys. Bouncy soft-touch feel. Made from rubber. Approximately 10cm diameter. Various colours.

* Prices include GST

Stability Disc - SDISC

A similar idea to a disco-sit with a smooth surface on both sides. These cushions are an effective strategy to encourage a child to maintain positioning and attention during mat-time and at the desk.

* Prices include GST

Stress Balls - ST1

Another squeeze ball option.

* Prices include GST

Stretch Eze -

Stretch Eze is a unique individual nylon lycra stretch band which can be used for resistance and stretch exercises. Great for sensory feedback as well as muscle strength. Available in small (preschool/lower primary), medium (upper primary) and tall.



Stetch Eze - Small $ 34.30
Stetch Eze - Medium $ 37.70
Stetch Eze - Tall $ 40.00

* Prices include GST

Tactile Lotto Farm - DJ8135

Fun feely game for ages 3 years and up, encourages children to guess what they are holding in their hands and match to the pictures.

* Prices include GST

The Heavy Weight Pencil - HW7536

A very exciting new tool from the "Pencil Grip" people! This smart, weighted mechanical-style pencil has an extra thick barrel, sturdy .7 mm pencil lead, and a built-in "Pencil Grip". Also available as a pen. Provides excellent input to the hand while naturally promoting an efficient, comfortable grasp. Includes lead refills and an eraser. Weighs 122g.

The Heavy Weight Pencil $ 42.50
The Heavy Weight Pen $ 42.50

* Prices include GST

Theraputty -

Premium quality silicone putty for all your finger strengthening and exercise needs. This non toxic, unscented putty is extra clean and non-oily. Comes in 3 oz (85g) containers. Theraputty is a quality hand therapy product and is very durable.

Theraputty - Extra Soft $ 13.50
Theraputty - Soft $ 13.50
Theraputty - Medium $ 13.50
Theraputty - Firm $ 13.50
Theraputty - Medium Soft $ 13.50

* Prices include GST

Tran-Quille Pencil Set - Tran-Q

The Tran-Quille Pen Set includes a DnZ-Vibe vibratory tool with 5 different coloured interchangeable pen tips, 2 pencil adaptors and 10 pencil tips. The Tran-Quille pencil provides students with just the right amount of vibratory input through the pencil to assist sensory processing for motor control and organisation, without it being too much. The addition of 5 bite'n'chew tips provides opportunity for calming oral sensory input.

* Prices include GST

Tranquillow Children's Pillow - STP
Ensures correct cervical support with a gentle contour and super soft deluxe foam. Designed specifically for 3-6 year olds.

* Prices include GST

We Play Squeezer - WPS

When children hold, squeeze and twist the We Play Squeezer it helps strengthen their wrist and hand muscless, promotes flexibility if the wrist joint, and also provides a great 'fidget toy' for children with tactile defensiveness and sensory processing challenges.


We Play Squeezer - Yellow - Soft $ 6.00
We Play Squeezer - Green - Medium $ 6.00
We Play Squeezer - Blue - Firm $ 6.00

* Prices include GST

Weighted Blanket -

The weighted blanket provides children with calming, deep pressure sensory input. Many parents have found this to be an effective strategy to help their child settle to sleep. The weight is provided through evenly distributed pockets of stainless steel pellets, quilted into place. The quilts are available in a choice of 4 colours or you can send your child's current dooner cover. These blankets are machine washable.

Available in weight 2.0kg and 2.5kg. If larger weights are required ie: 3kg, 4kg, 5 kg or 6kg please request by email and a quote will be provided. 

Please be aware that your custom made weighted item will take approximately two weeks to be made and shipped to you.

Weighted Blanket -2.0kg (110cm x 74cm) Stainless steel filled $ 169.95
Weighted Blanket - 2.5kg (148cm x 110cm) stainless steel filled. $ 179.95

* Prices include GST

Weighted Lap Bag -

Weighted lap bags are a very practical way to provide children with calming deep pressure sensory input in the classroom environment. They can be used to help children maintain their concentration during mat time as well as at the desk for written work. These lap bags are filled with wheat or stainless steel and are made in cordoroy and have segregated sections to ensure even weight distribution. The stainless steel lap bags can be washed in the washing machine. We also have the Animal Lap Bags for another weighted option.

Please send us an accompanying email when ordering to advise us of your colour choice - navy blue, royal blue, red and green. 

Please allow up to two weeks for your custom item to be made for you.


Lap Bag - 49 x 28cm (1.9kg approx.) Wheat filled $ 41.00
Lap Bag - 55 x 38cm (2.5kg approx.) Wheat filled $ 43.95
Lap Bag - 49 x 28cm (1.9kg approx.) Stainless Steel $ 46.95
Lap bag - 55 x 38cm (2.5kg approx.) Stainless Steel $ 49.95

* Prices include GST

Whatzit - Whatzit

A great fine motor fiddly toy. Made of brightly coloured wooden blocks with elastic threading. Make all sorts of wonderful designs. Most importantly though, this is a brilliant fidget toy for mat times. Makes no noise but gives good sensory feedback in every other way. ***PLEASE NOTE - the Whatzit is out of supply until early October. Feel free to order and we will send when they're back in - just wanting to let you know that there will be a delay.

* Prices include GST

Wurm - RTWRM

There's a challenge to get the wurm through the apple which requires logic and problem solving skills. An additional bonus is this is an ideal fidget toy.

* Prices include GST

Z Vibe Personal Pack - OMPP

The Z-Vibe Personal Pack provides a neatly packaged kit containing the Z-Vibe, preefer tip, probe tip, spare parts kit and 2 dust caps.

* Prices include GST

Z Vibe: Tips and Techniques for the Z-Vibe - OMTT

An essential resource to support use of the Z-Vibe. Provides explaination as to appropriate methods and helpful suggestions for most success.

* Prices include GST